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Review: Wolverine and the X-Men Volume 2

Kitty Pride seems to to pregnant. How did this happen and will she be brave enough to tell Peter about it?

The funding for the school runs out after just a couple of weeks after opening the doors. How did this came to be and what will the Headmaster do to solve the problem.

Beast is shrinking kids and taking them for a joy ride in somebody's well... body. Don't ask.

And what does the Hellfire Club do to piss off the Beast?

All this and more in this second volume.

How good is it?

Before getting into to the review itself, if you didn't read Wolverine and The X-Men Volume 1 and Wolverine and The X-Men Omega (review coming soon) then you might find spoilers in the paragraphs that follow.

Unlike the first volume, in this book Jason Aaron opted to write 5 or 6 concurrent stories that are spread out throw this second volume. These stories intercept and lead to each other in very interesting ways, almost Sin City style but at a smaller scale. Aaron did a great job telling theses tales, never forcing them to intertwine or rushing things.

My favorite is the last one, when he manages to tick the Beast off IN SPACEEEEEEE. Seeing the blue fuzzy  loosing it was quite the moment. But the star of the book is Kitty's pregnancy. Kitty goes from zero to ready to give birth in two days. Of course this isn't normal. She knows that there's no way the pregnancy is normal. She didn't do the nasty.

Have you ever seen Fantastic Voyage? Well basically that's how the Kitty situation is solved. While its becoming a cliche, Aaron does it in a masterful way.
[/ spoiler]

The Beast takes the class on the strangest, yet greatest, biology lesson, well ever. Its basically setup for another plot point, but is great fun reading that adventure.

Aaron does a little spotlight on Broo, the smart Broodling, cute little guy that wants nothing more than to learn. I love his character and am fearful for his future. Aaron planted the seed for a Broo story that might take him through a path from where there is no return.

The other big story is about the school's funding. Well it ends. To try to solve this problem Wolverine takes Quentin Quire on an intergalactic adventure. This is a fun, but inconsequential, story that will put Logan in a position I didn't imagine him in. Then again I never imagine him as a headmaster either.

Getting the money the school needs

Art wise it keeps with the same artistic line as the previous volume, but the first pages seem to be somewhat off the standard. From the middle on it pics up and the last pages are pure genius  Those shoots of the Beast in space are very very good.

Overhaul, this volume does a great job following the previous one and planting new plot seed for the next one.

Don't get Broo angry
Don't get the Beast angry either

Would I recommend it?

This one is, without a doubt, a buy. Its a cool book that keeps throwing the Universe and other dimensions of trouble in our heroes way.  On top of the great plot this book is supported by good art.
However, if you have not read the previous volume, then go read it first.
Wolverine and the X-men is very entertaining, this volume keep it up, and shows great promise for the foreseeable future.

Publisher: Marvel Comics
Year: 2012
Pages: 104
Authors: Jason Aaron, Chris Bachalo, Nick Bradshaw

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