Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Off-Topic: I keep expecting Miguel O'Hara to pass by my window

Greatings fellow comics lover,

Reading Graphic Novels reached an important milestone. Its actually the first recorded one and by a whim of fate. A moment later and the moment would be lost.

The future is now!

2099 pageviews (just under 1800 unique hits) in just one month of activity.

While this is not something to write home about, is above my personal expectations, and for that I'm very grateful to everyone that reads or has read RGN. Thanks guys and gals. I hope you enjoy reading RGN as much as I enjoy writing for it.

I'll keep looking out my window for Miguel O'Hara to swing by.


  1. Great news! It took me like 5 months to get 2000 visits on my blog.

  2. Thanks!

    I think I'm gonna measure the hits on the blog in Miguel O'Haras.