Thursday, November 29, 2012

Review: Mazeworld

Adam Cadman is a convicted murderer that is sentenced to death by hanging. The sentence is carried out and as soon as he blacks out he wakes up on a different world. A world where the mazes are everything, since religion to ethos or even architecture. He wakes up on Mazeworld.

There he will be faced with a civil war of sorts that won't let him go idly by. Many adventures await the hanged man.

This book collects all three Mazeworld stories originally published in the British magazine 2000AD.

How good is it?

A man on the brink of death blacks out and wakes up in a fantastic new world where he is the incarnation of an old hero of the people? I know what you're thinking. Its all just a dream. Well, maybe or maybe Alan Grant and Arthur Ranson were a bit more inventive and gave the reader a bigger payoff.

When Adam Cadman wakes up in Mazeworld he finds himself hooded permanently with his hangman hood. Because of that he is identified as the returned Hooded Man of the prophecies. Cadman is then dragged into a civil war like situation between the people and the established government. He soon finds his place and thus starts a three part story of adventure, acceptance and  eventually redemption.

Alan Grant creates a cool new world with an original ethos and populated with interesting characters besides the protagonist and antagonist. Arthur Ranson was responsible for the art on Mazeworld. The art has its own identity and style. Its well defined and very detailed. Its only sin is being a bit stiff and rigid at times.

This is a good book that sadly passed under the radar for many readers when it originally came out. Luckily a group of verbal fans manifested enough interest for Mazeworld to be reprinted.  

Kali Ma
Lazy slaves MOVE!

Would I recommend it?

Mazeworld is very much worth your reading time. Competent, but just a bit short of great, art, compelling and interesting story line and good dialogues. While it isn't going to make many top 10 books list Mazeworld makes for a good and entertaining read.

I recommend it, especially if you're looking for adventure books that aren't superhero books.

Publisher: 2000AD
Year: 2011
Pages: 192
Authors: Alan Grant, Arthur Ranson


  1. Alan Grant is always good and I had no idea this came from 2000AD. I'm not familiar with the artist but judging by the the pages you posted he's great (next time post more pages!).

  2. 2000AD has some fantastic stuff. Very different from the usual US comics.

    I'll keep that in mind. I usually try to get pics from the Internet, because my scanner is really bad. However in case of books like Mazeworld I'll probably have no other choice.