Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Review: Outer Orbit

What do a green ex-cop, a blue pizza guy and a brown intergalactic thief have in common?!

Nothing, but in Outer Orbit they will have to learn how to live with each other, better yet, after each other.

Being in the wrong place at the right time will take a whole new meaning.

Spaceships, explosions, sleeping with sheeps, ancient idols, bounty hunters and the most unbelievable circumstances is what makes Outer Orbit such a delightfully fun misadventure.

How good is it?

Outer Orbit brings us the misadventures of Krunk a badass ex-cop and Quinn the luckiest guy in the Universe. By a wicked whim of fate these two end up together chasing a space hottie named Neoki. These two will cruise the Universe after Neoki and the golden Idol she stole in order to recover the normality of their lives. Well that and love.

Krunk is a badass cop with mother issues and a self-made chastity belt turned ex-cop by refusing to have sex with Neoki. Quinn is a joly pizza deliver guy that lets himself to fall in love with the space libertine Neoki. Together they will make on the best or the worst team ever to hit the cosmos. It all depends whom you ask.

Story wise Outer Orbit is a simple quest story filled with great twists and awesome humor. Its mostly told in flashbacks. Most of the times its really easy to follow, but from time to time it gets a bit confusing with flashback within flashbacks. Apart from that, its a good funny story.

The art is very cartoony and colorful. In fact the coloring takes center stage here, almost overshadowing the pencils. The art direction in Outer Orbit reminds me of the old Freakazoid! cartoon. And it fits the tone of the book very well.

Krunk's mother is a cool lady
Naked and in prision

Would I recommend it?

Outer Orbit might not be a industry changer, but its a very funny and entertaining book. Simple but cool plot, good art and a fantastic sense of humor is what you'll find within the pages of this book. Having said that, I think this book would brighten the day of any reader.
Yes, I recommend it.

Publisher: Dark Horse
Year: 2007
Pages: 128
Authors: Charlie Kirchoff, Reed Buccholz, Zach Howard, Sean Murphy


  1. I remember Freakazoid!

    It'd be good to take a look at this, especially for Sean Murphy.

    1. Its a cool and relaxed book. It doesn't have the depth of the books you usually read, but if you want something light with good art to read, then this could be it.