Monday, December 31, 2012

Review: Crécy

Crécy details the English campaign that lead to the battle of Crécy, France on 26th of August is 1346 against the French.

Warren Ellis and Raulo Caceres create a black humor take on this 14th century military campaign.

How is it?

This is a 48 page novela published by Apparat, a Avatar Press Imprint. Like the other Apparat published Warren Ellis books this is a short and to the point story. Written with great resource to vernacular Crécy is, with the right state of mind, very fun to read.

Warren Ellis breaks the fourth wall by having the story narrated directly to the reader by a character in the book. William of Stohnam is well aware that he is being read and interacts frequently with the reader. Between witty remarks William explains the socio-political situation of England at the time as well as the origin of common British slang.

Crécy describes the journey William of Stohnam and his fellow soldiers undertook under the command of King Edward III through France. A preemptive attack of sorts to keep the Frogs (so the British called the French) at bay.

According to William, King Edward III was a clever bloke, a born soldier and a bit of a bastard. If he was close to what was described in this book, he was a clever bloke indeed. It was by his order that the English adopted the Longbow and practice ranging over accuracy. This enabled the British army to win over the far superior French army and their hired crossbowman mercenaries.

2 fingers
British Map

Art wise Crécy is on par with the other Warren Ellis Apparat books, maybe a bit more detailed. Raulo Caceres does a competent job bringing the 14th century British army to life, with all the gory details. However this is only 48 pages long so there isn't much space for Raulo Caceres to shine.

Longbow archers in action


This is not your typical comic book story. Its a kind of historical documentary told through the lens of Warren Ellis. Its a fun and witty book that will entertain your for a short while. I'm not a history buff but still enjoyed this very much.

Its a great comic book palate cleaner.

Publisher: Avatar Press (Apparat)
Year: 2003
Pages: 48
Authors: Warren Ellis, Raulo Caceres

PS: Happy new year. May 2013 be better than 2012. Eat more rabbit.


  1. Boa arte do Caceres com um texto conciso e "vernáculo" como dizes.
    É um pequeno livro mas cheio de bons momentos de BD!
    Ainda bem que começaste a fazer críticas mais desenvolvidas.

    Bom ano de 1013 para ti, Rui!


    1. Viva Nuno,

      Obrigado pela critica. Ainda bem que estou no bom caminho :)

      Bom ano de 1013 para ti também :)