Monday, December 31, 2012

Review: Crécy

Crécy details the English campaign that lead to the battle of Crécy, France on 26th of August is 1346 against the French.

Warren Ellis and Raulo Caceres create a black humor take on this 14th century military campaign.

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Review: Channel Zero The Complete Collection

Your mind is a weapon, use it. Do Something.

This is the message repeated ad infinitum throughout Channel Zero.

In a world very similar to ours, in the late 90s, America is a silently oppressed country. A place where personal liberties are exchanged for a false sense of security.

Jennie is a teenager that fights against media censorship and freedom of speech. She will leave her mark, not only on America, but also on the world. Though pirate broadcasting and revolutionary messages Jennie 2.5 reawakens the spark that lives deep inside every one and drives us to be free.

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Review: Atomic Robo The Ghost of Station X

In England a building vanishes. In space some astronauts need to be rescued and Robo is the man/robot for the job. Alan Turing does something and a 18 Wheeler will save the day.

Atomic Robo and his fellow co-workers at Tesladyne are going to be faced with some hard to solve mysteries, will be hunted, persecuted and will have to fend off against a kindred spirit.

Beside the full story arc of The Ghost of Station X this volume collects the last Free Comic Book Day (FCBD) Atomic Robo issue.


Aspen Comics’ plans for their tenth anniversary celebration in 2013 continues as the publisher announced its third release in their sweeping “10 for 10” initiative, the all new fantasy-adventure epic, Jirni, created by writer J.T. Krul with art by Paolo Pantalena and Brett Smith.

The solicitation for Krul’s newest venture into the fantasy realm reads:

Discover a whole new world of adventure! Trekking through a violent and dangerous frontier of savage barbarians, devious thieves, and wild creatures, a warrior-princess named Ara searches for her mother, who was stolen away from her kingdom by a mysterious sorcerer with the help of his powerful D'jinn.  What great and terrible secrets await her in the distant horizon? Prepare to experience an epic tale of fantasy and wonder without boundaries. This is Ara's quest. This is Ara's destiny. This is Ara's - JIRNI.

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Preview: Fathom #8


FATHOM (vol 4) #8
David Wohl – Writer / Alex Konat – Pencils / Beth Sotelo – Colors

Michael Turner’s FATHOM streaks toward its thrilling conclusion...

As the Church of the Eternal Depths lies in ruin, Aspen Matthews must attempt a daring suicide mission, with the lives of her friends hanging precariously in the balance. However, when she uncovers a dark secret that lies beneath the ocean floor, Aspen realizes her own actions will endanger millions of lives--INCLUDING HER OWN!

For the legions of FATHOM fans who have been waiting to see Aspen in her element and taking control of her life, now is the time to jump on in—the water’s just fine!

FATHOM #8 is in stores January 2nd, 2013!

Monday, December 17, 2012

Top 10: Best books I've read in 2012

The end of the world is just around the corner and the year coming to a close. Its time to list the top 10 books I've read (for the first time) this year.

My reads that is :)

Here is the first RGN Top 10 list.

Saturday, December 15, 2012


David Wohl – Story / Alex Lei – Art / Teo Gonzalez - Colors
Iris is back, but will she make it through the – Executive Extinction!
Following the deadly results of “The Hit List Agenda”, the Executive Assistants find themselves alone, scattered and unsure of their own collective fate. However, Iris now finds herself at the employ of perhaps the most sinister of all organized enterprises—the Central Intelligence Agency! The pulse-pounding third volume of the epic Executive Assistant: Iris series kicks off with the massive ten part series that will forever alter the lives of every Executive Assistant!
EXECUTIVE ASSISTANT IRIS creator David Wohl is joined by newcomer Alex Lei and series vet Teo Gonzalez, to bring you the thrilling third volume as the “Executive Extinction” crossover event starts right now!
Executive Assistant Iris (vol 3) #1 is in stores December 19th, 2012!

Friday, December 14, 2012


Aspen is planning to celebrate the publisher’s tenth anniversary this February in a big way, with their largest offering of new titles in their history.

Launching their special “10 for 10” initiative that will feature ten new series releases, one each month over the span of ten months. Aspen’s “10 for 10” will debut with the launch of Legend of the Shadow Clan #1 on February 6th, 2013. From creators David Wohl and Brad Foxhoven (Executive Assistant: Iris) and the art team of Cory Smith and John Starr (Broken Pieces, Fathom), Legend of the Shadow Clan marks Aspen’s first all new property of 2013. Below is the publisher’s solicitation for the new Aspen release:

Solicitations: Aspen Comics March 2013


Aspen Comics March 2013 solicitations have arrived.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Review: The 6th Gun Volume 1

During the American Civil War Becky Moncrief, an innocent girl, is taking care of her dying stepfather when all of a sudden several mysterious men storm in with the intention of taking the man and his secret possession. However things don't go according to plan for these mysterious men and with the help of Drake Sinclair, Becky Moncrief gets away with the secret possession.

The secret possession turns out to be one of six evil and magical guns that not only have mystical abilities but also unlock a secret treasure.

Becky Moncrief and Drake Sinclair embark on a journey through the Weird West in pursuit of the other 5 magical guns and in search of revenge for the responsible of the death of Becky's stepfather.

Preview: Executive Assistant: Assassins #6


Vince Hernandez – Writer / Jordan Gunderson – Art / Teo Gonzalez - Colors

The Extinction begins!

“Executive Extinction” kicks off with this all new story arc featuring Lily, one of the most popular characters in the EA Universe, as she attempts to piece together some semblance of a normal life—while fighting to protect it from those who seek to end it! Enter Mazutsu, the armed dealer mastermind who has sworn to eliminate all Executive Assistants at any cost. Yet, the biggest surprise for Lily comes as she discovers one of her trusted allies is working for those who seek to capture her!

Don’t miss the exciting first chapter of the “Executive Extinction” crossover event!

EXECUTIVE ASSISTANT: ASSASSINS #6 is in stores December 19th, 2012!

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Preview: Broken Pieces #5



Mark Roslan— Writer/ Cory Smith— Art/ Beth Sotelo— Colors/ Josh Reed— Letters

Aspen Comics’ newest original series, Broken Pieces, reaches its stunning finale!

Every moment following that fateful accident within the Trinion Corporation’s laboratory has led to this pulse-pounding conclusion! The monstrous creation of their doing is finally in their possession, but Ludas and his power-hungry conglomerate struggle to contain his mindless, destructive rage until Ludas evens the odds by unleashing his most frightening creation yet! Meanwhile, Richard and Gabriella’s heart-wrenching fate reaches its shocking culmination, as Richard must choose between the love of his life or the end of civilization altogether!

BROKEN PIECES #5 is in stores December 19th, 2012!

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Review: Spaceman

Its the future. Tv is the biggest drug out there, the seas have risen and moral values are somewhat skewed.

Orson is one of several men breed by Nasa to explore Mars. This race of spacemen is able to endure the rigorous space travel and Mars conditions. Unfortunately after a while the space program got canceled and the spacemen were grounded on earth.

A little girl get kidnapped and somehow Orson gets mixed up with it. The major problem is that the little girl is a nation wide celebrity with several interested factions out looking for her. And most of them don't have her best interests in mind.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Future Collection: IDOLIZED #4


David Schwartz – Writer / Pasquale Qualano – Art / David Curiel - Colors

Aspen Comics proudly presents their first ever super-hero series, IDOLIZED!

The IDOLIZED competition comes to a crushing head, as Joule faces off against two of her most brutal competitors in the TV show's grand finale!  Even more importantly, see what happens after the competition ends, as a furious young Joule faces off against Stasis, the man who destroyed her life, in a battle that will leave her, and the Powered Protectors, forever scarred - if they even survive!

Written and created by David Schwartz, with gorgeous art by Pasquale Qualano and David Curiel, and featuring a cover by Oliver Nome and Peter Steigerwald, plus a photo cover starring supermodel Rachel Clark, you won't want to miss out on this innovative new series from Aspen Comics!

IDOLIZED #4 is in stores December 19th, 2012!

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Review: Ministry of Space

What if Britain would get its space program out of the ground right after World War II backed by a very wealthy and black budget?

Ministry of Space tells that tale. And the tale is about the blood of the test pilots, the impact it had on current day society, the way it was funded and what destiny is reserved for the man who made it all possible when his big secret comes out.

This book also brings a couple of cool extras, like a sketchbook by Chris Weston and the always colorful commentary by Warren Ellis.

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Off-Topic: New old toys

Fair Poster
Today I attended my first toy fair. It was a small but welcoming fair that took place in Roma Hotel in Lisbon, Portugal.

My visit was quicker than I would like, but time was of the essence for this is a busy weekend. However I loved my time there. Most vendors were very nice and I got to check out many old toys.

Most vendors sold miniature and vintage cars. Which is cool, but not really my thing. Still I enjoyed browsing through them. There were enough figurines to keep me happy. Sadly very few old Star Wars figurines that I was hoping to find.

Still a cool way to spent my morning.