Thursday, January 17, 2013

Review: Chew Volume 6 Space Cakes

Chew Volume 6 Space Cakes focus on Toni Chu, Tony Chu's sister. Tony is the usual main character, but this time its Toni's turn to take the lead. Toni is a agent of NASA, that after the events in Chew Volume 4 Flambé is the most powerful organization on Earth.

In this story arc Toni joins John Colby and Caesar Valenzano in the pursuit of The Vampire, a villain in the making. Twists and turns await our protagonists when things do go according to plan for once.

This volume also collects the awesomeness of the Chew: Secret Agent Poyo one-shot.

How is it?

I love Chew. First and foremost I love the art. Rob Guillory's art is like nothing I've seen. The closest I can remember is Skottie Young's art in the Oz books at Marvel (that I also adore). The character designs are truly unique and fresh. The faces Rob draws are nothing short of great, the resemblance yet uniqueness of the Chu family alone is worth praising.

The weeding

You know the saying "Don't judge a book by its cover" right? Well it doesn't apply to Chew. The inside art is just as good as the cover art. I hate it when I pick up a book with stellar cover art and the inside pages have nothing to do with it, not even the style. But that isn't the case in this one. Chew profits from great and consistent art from cover to cover.

Plot wise this is like a typical Chew with a Disney dark twist in it, then typical Chew again. I'm not going to spoil it for you, but think Bambi. John Layman is a master at cheerful plot with gloomy protagonist and delivering crushing blows to your spirit.

In this 6th Volume Tony is in the Hopital (read volume 5 to know how he got there) and its up to his sister Toni to keep up the pursuit of the Cibopath known as The Vampire. Toni is a Cibovoyant (can see the future of the living things she eats), so, like her brother, she spends a good part of the story eating strange stuff.

Tony is not is usual self

In Space Cakes John Layman takes the most advantage of the Chew gimmick. Food related special abilities. Unlike Tony, when Toni uses her power the reader doesn't see what she sees. At first I didn't even notice it but halfway in the story it became evident that it was a plot device. This allows for some shock and a big awe further down the line. I must admit that I wasn't expecting to be surprised like this by Layman's writing but am very pleased I was.

Toni's fiancee
Toni is nothing like Tony. She is extroverted, a free spirit (really free), a nice person all around. During this story arc we get to know little pieces of her past. Turns out she's meet Caeser several times in the past but strongly denies it. This makes for a very humorous running joke through out the book.

The journey Toni makes in this book is very engaging and interesting to read. I was glued to the book and only the long hours of the night made me put it down. In the end the Chu family will never be the same and the path is set for the next story arc.

Space Cakes also collects the Chew: Secret Agent Poyo one-shot. This one shot is just what you imagine it to be. A full chapter of Poyo awesome kick-assery. Poyo (the cyborg roaster secret agent) is a former wrestler with the taste for big fights. He's ruthless and deadly. This one-shot is all about mindless fun when Poyo join the British secret services to take down a terrorist that threatens England and the World with a machine that makes farm animals rain down from the sky.  Great fun.


Chew Volume 6 Space Cakes is very much worth your time and money. This is a great series that has regained the awesome vibe it had the first 3 volumes.

Chew is, and has been since launch, one of the best series out there. If you haven't check out the previous volumes given them a looksy. They're cheap and are very rewarding to read. Highly recommended.

Publisher: Image Comics
Year: 2013
Pages: 156
Authors: Rob Guillory, John Layman


  1. You must forgive me, my friend, but I still haven't read Chew vol. 1. I've heard a lot of good comments about the series, though.

    The artist does have some sort of Skottie Young influence, but I also see some Humberto Ramos in it.

  2. You're forgiven Arion, but if you get the chance gread the first volume. It is very good.

    I had to google Humberto's art but I see what you mean. Both artists share a similar vibe.

  3. Bom... estou como o
    Nunca li Chew, apesar das boas críticas!
    Bom artigo, dá vontade de ler Chew!


    1. Viva Nuno,

      Se tiveres oportunidade lê o primeiro volume. É barato e define o tom da série muito bem.

      Chew tem uma base de seguidores bastante fiel (eu inclusivé) e a série até que é consistente ao nível da qualidade.

      Não há certezas na vida, mas és capaz de gostar.