Friday, January 4, 2013

Review: Hexed

Luci Jennifer Inagcio das Neves (nickname Lucifer) is a teen thief. She isn't an ordinary thief. Lucifer specializes on the occult. She steals magical items for the wealthy of the occult underground.

Hexed follows Lucifer as she takes on a new job that might be a more than she can handle. In the course of fulfilling her employer latest request Lucifer will have to confront secrets from her past. Secrets that she'd rather keep that way.

How is it?

The story is quite simple. Lucifer steals mystical objects for a living. Her next job will not go according to plan. Blood will be spilled, dark secrets revealed, old alliances broken and renewed.

Hexed is a relatively short story (original mini-series is only 4 issues long), so there isn't much I can say without spoiling it for you. But this much I can say, while the plot might be simple the execution is just about perfect.

Michael Nelson creates a world where magic is just around the corner, if you know where to look. Magical artifacts, parallel dimensions, Angels and Demons are all present in Hexed. Lucifer's world is fleshed out quite nicely by the very convincing narrative weaved by Michael Nelson.

I particularly enjoyed how Michael built the relationship between Lucifer and her current employer. Its a sort of mother / daughter relationship that gives a touch of emotion to the story.

Michael's approach to magic is just about right. Magic to be interesting has to have rules, its power limited and dire consequences. Otherwise its just Deux Ex Machina. In Hexed magic is just that. Powerful with rules and limitation and wicked consequences to whom uses it.

Hi Lucifer

In my review of Doctor Strange Season One book I wasn't very flattering to Emma Rios art. Her work in that book is not very good, however in Hexed it is much better. In fact the art is really good. Its the right amount of strange, color and gloom.

There is one particular moment, that I won't spoil, that was a big impact on the reader. Its a small moment but with high significance. That moment is elevated from important to magnificent by the skill o Emma Rios. The way she presents us with what Lucifer finds makes the whole thing seem glorious, and for that my hat's off to miss Rios.

Ugly Mystical Guardian


This is a great book. Engaging, magic theme (for those of us that like it), awesome art. I highly recommend Hexed. This is a real gem, it deserves more attention. I wouldn't mind reading more about Lucifer's adventures in this strange and intriguing world.

Publisher: BOOM Studios
Year: 2010
Pages: 112
Authors: Michael Nelson, Emma Rios


  1. I agree with you, Emma's work looks much better than in Dr Strange.

    Good review, my friend, and you just made me think that I haven't read enough Boom comics.

    1. Thanks :)

      To be fair, I think I've only read 4 or 5 BOOM books. I also have to read more from them.