Sunday, February 3, 2013

Review: Wolverine Snikt!

One day Wolverine is minding his own business when suddenly a creepy looking little girl appears and  teleports him away. He ends up in a near future where he's confronted with a post-apocalyptic world, where humankind is almost extinct.

The little girl went to the past to search for the only person that could help her in the fight against the creatures that now rule over the Earth. These creatures are called Mandates. To kill a Mandate its necessary to destroy its Orb Core. However, only adamantium can breach a Orb Core. Thus the importance of Wolverine.

Wolverine Snikt! is written and drawn by manga artist Tsotomu Nihei.

How is it?

After arriving on future Earth Wolverine confronts is first Mandate. He win the battle but barely collapsing immediately after due to the sustained injuries. When he wakes up he's already in the hiding place of the human settlement There he finally talks to Fusa (the little girl)  and meets her people, one of the last human settlement on Earth. He's introduced to the only other person able to kill Mandates, the General. The General is a cyborg with a adamantium  shooting cannon instead of his right arm. The problem is that humankind lost all ability to produce adamantium, and the General's ammunition is running very low.

Eventually Wolverine agrees to help them setup a last attempt at stopping the Mandates. Together with the General, Wolverine launches and attack on the Mandates colony where the Progenitor is believed to be. The Progenitor is the first Mandate and its also the only one capable of reproduction. So taking her out means that the Mandates will, eventually, die out and give a hope of survival to the human race.

Come here, I won't bite
The story is very simple and the ending is somewhat predictable, but that doesn't mean its not an interesting story to read. Tsotomu takes a unique approach to Wolverine and that makes this simple story a joy to read.

The art in this book is simply glorious. Tsotomu's art is a delight to look at. Highly detailed art with strong color contrasts and very,very, very VERY moody and atmospheric settings and backgrounds. The art is what truly shines in this book.

Tsotomu draws Wolverine like a nimble warrior with an X-Men the movie like uniform and, while its not his usual aspect, it looks very good. One thing I liked is that Tsotomu avoided the androgynous look for Wolverine. Sure he looks like a teenager most of the times, but there is no doubt that he is a man.

The Mandates are typical manga monsters. big, scary and constantly shifting.

Hi there ugly
So many uglies to play with


While the story hasn't much depth this is one of my favorite Wolverine books. The aesthetics of future Earth is amazing, the dynamic of the art and the movement sensation that you get when reading this book is really great. The fight scenes are fantastically drawn. Tsutomu is truly a master of his art.

Unfortunately this book is out of print, but if you have the chance of buying it at a reasonable price, go for it.

Publisher: Marvel Comics
Year: 2004
Pages: 120
Authors: Tsutomu Nihei

Its also available in Portuguese

Publisher: Devir
Year: 2005
Pages: 120
Authors: Tsutomu Nihei

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  1. Very informative post.

    Sounds like if I buy this one I'll only enjoy the art. Not sure if I should add it to my list...

    1. Hi Arion,

      The message I was trying to pass is that you'll enjoy the art more than the story, but thats because the art is really amazing and the story, while competent, is a simple "we need your help to kill a bunch of monsters and save our peope".

      But, this goes for 40-50$ in Amazon ATM. That is too much for this book IMHO. If you find a used version under 17$ its very much worth it.

    2. a used version for under $17? do you even read comics kid? it's OUT OF PRINT and had an MSRP of $17.99. It goes for $40 at the lowest all the way up to $90 for 9.6+

      You let me know when you find an out of print TPB for less than MSRP. Better yet, read some more comics or learn more about the industry before writing reviews.

      Everyones a blogger now days. Anyone can make a blog and write some bullshit pretending to know what they are talking about. This is why people should not gleam information from the internet. You get these uneducated fools talking like they know what's good for you.

      he doesn't even know what's good for himself.

    3. Hello Reggie,

      First of all thanks for taking you time to post in my blog.

      I'll try yo answer your statement to the best of my ability.

      Yes, I've read comics as a kid, and that was a long time ago. If you care to take another read at what I suggested in my comment it says that in my opinion Arion should only get this book if he finds a copy under 17$. I found mine in a used bin at a LCS well under 17$. Of course it was far from mint, but I don't care about that.

      I'm far from an expert in comics, in fact the tag line for my blog is "sharing my experiences with graphic novels and other collected editions". I think that says it all, don't you?

      Yes, everyone is a blogger nowadays. Its good to have you space and speak your mind. I, like many others had done so and are happy with it. I write about what comics I read. You should try it.

      I don't know what you mean with your last sentence, but if you're implying that I don't know whats good for me, then you're right. That's why I keep buying comics, reading and enjoy them (well, for the most part).

      Have a good day.

  2. Lembro-me que comprei da Devir e gostei muito dos desenhos.
    Da história.... nem por isso! Muito básica mesmo!

  3. Viva Nuno,

    Mas a arte merece a compra. Gosto mesmo muito da estética do livro. O ambiente visual criado é tal que dá para sentir a desolação daquele mundo e o desespero daquelas pessoas.