Thursday, February 7, 2013

The Family Troll @Kickstarter

The Family Troll
The Family Troll is a heart warming tale of an abandon young troll that blesses the lives of a young couple in the most amazing way!

Jill and Tyler Kirkham write and draw this tale of love based on their own pursuit of offspring. This book is about a problem that unfortunely more and more couples are having trouble conceiving nowadays.

The art in very beautiful, the packaging looks great and the subject of the book is something very close to my heart.

A couple in a fairy tale land is having trouble conceiving. After trying all matter of methods they are close to giving up. One day they have to take care of a baby Troll, and the rest you can imagine.

Watch Jim and Tyler's video, they do a better job explaining it:

For more information check their Kickstarter project page.

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