Sunday, April 7, 2013

Next on RGN #1

I'm late
Things have been slow but are still rolling.

Lately I've been publishing one review a week. While that was my initial goal, it was quickly doubled, and for a couple of months I even manage to write three per week. However life has a knack to put stuff in our way to throw us off track.

In recent times the review rate has dropped back to one per week. This is something I'm not happy about. How did it happen?
Well... first and foremost I got lazy. I'm not proud of it, but its the truth. Also Amazon delayed two of my orders so I was without new comics for about two weeks. Truth be told that this is not usual. Amazon has an amazing service and his my favorite online store since I started buying stuff there in 2004.

Another happening is my new found passion for photography. It all started with my wife convincing me to buy a DSLR camera. Long story short I let myself get absorbed into the world of photography. On a side note, you can check out my photos @ flickr but be aware that I'm just an initiate, don't expect too much.

Getting back to work

SOOOOOOOOOOO, getting back to work. To help you know what's on the pipeline and at the same time binding me to a schedule here is Next on RGN, a new feature were the reviews schedule will be published for the world to see. This way you know what's next and you can shame me when I miss the self imposed deadlines.

Lets kick it off with the first Next on RGN:

The Pro
On the 9th of April (next Tuesday) its time to take a look at an oldie.

The Pro by Garth Ennis, Amanda
Conner and Jimmy Palmiotti.

The Pro is a satire of DC and Marvel superheroes books. The story revolves around a prostitute that gains superpowers, how she puts them to use and the impact she causes on the hole superhero community.

The Pro can be summarized as Sex, babies, revenge, Justice League, The Watcher, life and death. And of course a good dose of adult humor.

Skullkickers Volume 2
Then on the 12th of April (next Friday) I'll get around to review Skullkickers Volume 2 Five Funerals and a Bucket of Blood by Jim Zub, Chris Sims, Brian Clevinger, Ray Fawkes and Edwin Huang.

In this second volume Shorty and Baldy continue to be involved with the killing of nobles in their land. After getting invited to the capital city of the kingdom they get framed for the murder of more noblemen and women.

Thieves with honor, elaborate plots to destroy the capital city, faeries and elves is what you'll find in this book. Also you'll get to find out Shorty and Baldy's real names.

And last but not least a surprise review for the 14th of April (next Sunday). Don't miss it.

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  1. Uma crítica por semana é bom! Depois basta meteres umas ilustrações ou notícias do momento para dar movimento.

    1. Viva Nuno,
      Pois tens razão. Eventualmente tenho que pensar em artigos alternativos às opiniões sobre livros lidos. Mas não me queria afastar muito da origem do blog.

      Obrigado pelas dicas,são boas sugestões.

  2. You can't post every day, at least I know I can't. Once a week is good.

    The Pro ! I was planning on buying it and reviewing it.

    1. Hi Arion,

      I know I can't post everyday, but lately I haven't been giving the attention RGN deserves.

      Two/Three posts a week is my objective.

      The Pro review is almost done. I intend to have it up latter today.