Monday, April 29, 2013

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Vacation is already a faint memory. My agriculture days are over (for now) and I'm back to the life in the city. Going back to work means train rides, and that means 200 minutes a week of comic reading time.

After last week's sci-fy awesomeness of Atomic Robo I went for a some sword & sorcery  followed by a bit of mystical western. One is a personal favorite and the other a fan favorite. This seems like a good week for comics.

Dungeons & Dragons Volume 3 Down continues the story of our rogue party of thieves and mercenaries.

This time its all about the dwarf Kahl. Poetry and asskickery is what can be expected in this wonderfully oversize edition.

The remembrance of this book will come to terms on Labor day, the next Wednesday 1st of May.

The 6th Gun
The Sixth Gun Volume 2 brings back Drake, Becky and company. The curse of the six guns continues to haunt Drake and Becky. Drake is taking measures to try to break his connection to the 4 mystical guns he toke from General Hume's goons.

Voodoo, new foes, gunslingers and lots of action is all packed in this neat trade paperback by Oni Press.

You can read all about it next Saturday the 4th of May.

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