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Review: Frogman

He’s Green, he’s wet, he ain’t your pet… He’s FROGMAN.

Frogman tells the story of a unique superhero that doesn't quite grasp the simple working of life, but still strives to do good and protect his city.

Frogman is a parody of the superhero genre. The main character is based heavily on established superheroes like Spider-Man from whom he takes that perpetual bad luck that is characteristic of Peter Parker. From Superman he inherits the secret identity.Also his origin seems similar to Mogli or even Tarzan.

How is it?

This comes from the minds of Mark Lewis and Matt Fitch. A while back they started the Frogman Kickstarter project in order get the funding needed to print this comic. They succeeded and got funded. Tha allowed them to print hard copies of their comic book.And thus Frogman got introduced to the world.

This book is all about having fun. Matt and Mark obviously had fun creating Frogman and I had fun reading it. The hero is a parody of Spider-Man in the sense that he shares the same concept powers and has the height of the world on his shoulders. Nothing ever goes as it should and he can never get a break, just like Peter Parker.

The Evil Taxman

This bad luck is the source of some wonderfully hilarious jokes. Freddy (Frogman's alter ego) is a fast food worker that has severe financial problems and, after seeing his paycheck, decides to take down the Taxman. And who can blame him? Turns out that the Taxman is an actual person and tougher than he thought. This means that he puts up a good fight, perhaps to good for Frogman.

In this book you'll find gratuitous violence, explicit sex scenes, STDs and (good and bad) puns. So it should be kept out of the hands of children and easily offended adults. Not that this is a particularly offensive book, but its better to play it safe.

The art is very simple. Its in black and white and with some influence from John Romita, Sr's work. While its not stellar its competent enough. My only complain would be the lack of detail of the backgrounds on most panels.

A Hero Has Needs


This is a good book to read if you like, or at least don't mind, parodies of your favorite superheroes. It might not be a groundbreaking book, but that was never the point. Its all about having fun and enjoying comics for comics sake. If you want, go to Dead Canary Comics and get your copy.

Publisher: Dead Canary Comics
Year: 2013
Pages: 32
Authors: Matt Fitch, Mark Lewis

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