Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Indiegogo: Un-American Chronicles

Un-American Chronicles
Arcadio Bolaños, Juan Alarcón and Carolina Bensler bring us this collection of 4 tales: "The Outsider", "It's Always the Statue of Liberty", "Who Said It Was Easy?" and "Park".

From a study in the innate innocence of children to the art of flirting with strangers, going throw the symbol of America in the harsh reality that was 9/11 and the more down to earth marital problem of two couples. Un-American Chronicles as something for any adult reader.

The Outsider

In this story the authors explore the human behavior. What happens when three seemingly harmless kids find a woman trapped inside an abandoned well, and the woman turns out to be a criminal? Do they help her? Take advantage of the situation or simply take a less noble path?

It's Always the Statue of Liberty

In every tale of fiction about the destruction of the USA, the statue of Liberty is usually the symbol that embodies that very downfall. Except that in real life it wasn't the target of the unfortunate 9/11 terrorist attacks. This is a tale about a little kid coming to terms with facts versus fiction.

Who Said It Was Easy?

Do you know that person you see every day on the bus, on the train or at the coffee shop that is just the right amount of mysterious and intriguing? This is a story about those peoples. Those anonymous persons and their attempt to get to know each other.


Park is an erotic tale of two couples. One having trouble with their sex life, another none at all. When their path is crossed anything can happen.

Check out what Arcadio Bolaños has to say about this project:

You can support this project @indigogo until the 18th of June 2013. Also check out Arcadio's personal blog Arion's Archaic Art for reviews and other articles.

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