Monday, May 20, 2013

Next on RGN #6

After waiting for weeks for my books to arrive life took all my free time away. That happened in the form of
a business trip. Ordinarily that would mean more reading of the 9th art but for some reason this time it meant the opposite.

*shakes fist in the air* DAMN YOU JOB AND YOUR NEED TO TAKE MY COMIC BOOK TIME AWAY... Kidding Job, you know I love your money you.

Good news is that I had the chance to get to know a beautiful place that I've never been before (Madeira Island in Portugal)

Well, that's over and I'm back to my usual schedule. Together with blue imaginary horses with wings and law enforcing judge, jury and executioner rookie police officers.

Are imaginary friends real? Before you say no consider this: What would you do if a random kid's imaginary friend asked for your help to save her? Nick Sax didn't believe that either, in fact he thought that to be an hallucination  but Happy (a blue horse with wings) is 1,2,3,4,5 grades above an hallucination.

Happy will make his best effort to turn Nick Sax's story from a self-destroying tragedy of bad choices and corruption to a glorious tale of redemption.

Santa, drugs, alcohol, infidelity, eczema and violence, this is Happy.

Happy by Grant Morrison and Darick Robertson will be reviewed tomorrow, the 21st of May.

Judge Dredd Origins
This week's second review is Judge Dredd Origins.

When the severed hand of the first Chief Justice of Megacity One is delivered to the Hall of Justice Dredd and his fellow judges spring into action.

No power on earth, not ever the cursed earth will keep Dredd from getting the Chief Judged's body back.

This is the beginning of the beginnings. The story of how the toughest law enforce came to be. And it will be here on Saturday the 25th of May.

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  1. Madeira Island sure looks great. I should visit Portugal one day, eh?

    Happy and Judge Dredd, now that's what I call the law of happiness when it comes to comics.

    1. Yes you should :) Let me know if you ever do come to Portugal.

  2. Looking forward to your reviews! I posted my thoughts on Happy the other day and while I haven't posted about it yet, I read Origins this week. Great line up!

    1. I'm very behind on my online reading. This week I want to get up to date with it.

      Still haven't decided how to approach the Happy review, but it will come to me.