Friday, May 31, 2013

Next on RGN #7

The Trooper
The year was 1991 or maybe 1992. Me, a little kid, had just started yet another exciting Summer vacation. In one of those lazy summer days a friend lent me an old, almost worn out, tape of some British heavy metal band.

I spook very little English at the time (not that I speak much more now) but as soon as I hit play I got hooked. It was a powerful, energetic, vibrant sound. Melodic at times and brutal at others. Little by little I learned the lyrics and the more I knew the more I loved it.

It was the 1980 Iron Maiden self titled album.

Well, 20 something years later I finally got to see them live and it was glorious. Sure the age shows a bit after all they're like 150 years old by now, but it was a kid's dream come true. Last 29th of May was a great day indeed.

What does this has to do with comics you ask? Nothing, I'm just in a sharing mood.

Transmetropolitan Vol 1
Back to comics, while rocking out to Can I play With Madness on the way home I remembered that I'm overdue with a review to RGN. One thing lead to another and somehow the idea to revisit Transmetropolitan  came to mind. Something about "Give me the to hold my head up and spit back in their face" screamed  Spider Jerusalem.

So starting this weekend and for the next 10 Saturday's RGN will revisit each volume of Transmetropolitan starting with Volume 1 in what will be a Transmetropolitan o'ton.

Iron Man 2020
On Wednesday the 5th of June its time for Arno Stark, the Iron Man of the year 2020 to make an appearance. This book collects the stories about or involving the Iron Man of 2020.

Arno Stark is nothing like Tony. He stands for nothing but ego and money. Unlike current (at the time the original comics were published) Iron Man Arno never outgrown his flamboyant playboy persona. That attitude will put him through tough times, but unlike his predecessor he doesn't learn his lesson.

From playboy millionaire to mercenary, it will all be reviewed next Wednesday.

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