Thursday, May 2, 2013

Review: Dungeons & Dragons Volume 3 Down

Dungeon & Dragons Volume 3 brings us the story of Kahl the Song.

On the way home the Fell's Five find themselves under attack by a group of unearthly monsters.They're able to fend them off, but barely. While this is happening Kahl (the Dwarf) is getting some news that make him return home.

Once he gets there his big secret is reveled. Be prepared, its not what I expected. This is also the reason why he was roaming the world training to became a Paladin.

How is it?

Kahl and the rest of our protagonists are going to have to face one of the fiercer and most frightening beast in all and any Universe... a mother-in-law. And this one is as bad as they come. She really has it out for Kahl because of his little secret. All in all she just want's the best for her little girl and she won't make it easy for the friendly dwarf.

Call to Arms
Everyone decides to help Kahl when he sets out to rescue his loved one that has been lost in the mines. There are many surprises along the way. Fake friends, ancient evil, monsters and evil magic will try to prevent the success of our heroes.

John Rogers weaves a simple but entertaining story. Filled with action but also infused with enough purpose to make the reader very attached to these characters. While this might not be a dissertation on the human condition, its not without its meaning. Its more than just a punchy kicky story. Most characters have multiple dimensions to them and are much more than the cardboard cutouts that usually populate the fantasy genre.

Art wise this third volume continues on the great path defined in the previous ones. Andrea Di Vito is just the right amount of sexy, dramatic, dynamic and contemplative. Its a style I enjoy very much. Thankfully its not like the "realistic" trend present in many modern days comics.

Another aspect I love about Andrea's style is the panel layouts. He plays around with them, overlapping and merging them in a way that accentuates the action when its appropriate. A more static and standard layout is used when action is not present. This allows for a visual change of pace that complements the art and story in a sublime, but powerful, way.

The Plan


This series is top notch, and this third volume is no exception. Its a fun book with awesome art that will entertain you. You won't regret adding this one to your collection. If you get the Hardcover edition (I did) it will fit gorgeously in your shelves.

If you aren't familiar with this series, check out my reviews of the Volume 1 and Volume 2.

Publisher: IDW
Year: 2012
Pages: 132
Authors: John Rogers, Andrea Di Vito

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  1. Olha, foi daqueles títulos que eu deixei de lado a primeira vez que vi. Não me deixou muita curiosidade para ver o que era porque o título já está tão batido que presumi que não me trouxesse nada de novo.
    Vou rever. Eu gosto deste género.

    1. É verdade que a chapa D&D no mundo dos comics não significa qualidade, mas esta série é excelente.