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Review: The Sixth Gun Volume 2

General Hume might be dead (again) and his wife gone but the cruse of the six guns continues to dictate the fate of Drake Sinclair and Becky Montcrief. Together with Billjohn's Golem and Gord Cantrell they travel to New Orleans to look for a way to break the bond between Drake and 4 o the 6 mystical guns.

Drake is not coping well with the possession of 4 mystical guns. Even his physical appearance is starting to change, much like what happened to General Hume's men. However there are many factions that are plotting to gain ownership of the six guns. It won't be easy for Drake and Becky to recognize friends from foes.

This volume collects issues #7 to #11 of the ongoing series.

How is it?

After the fantastic first arc the story took an unexpected turn and drifted away from General Hume. Before the dust had settled Drake and Becky moved on to New Orleans. There Drake looks for Henri Fournier a mysterious living legend of the occult. Drakes hopes Henri will help him break the bond with the guns.

In the meanwhile Becky get to know Kirby Hale a smooth talking gunslinger that sweeps her off her feet. Kirby will leave a big impact on Becky's life, bigger than she imagined. Becky is a teenager that lost her only family and was pushed into a situation way over her head. When Kirby enters her life she is lonely and vulnerable and he takes advantage of that. The result.. the wrath of a woman scorned.

Cullen Bunn took the story in a very different path from what I was expecting. And that was a very pleasant surprise. The General Hume plot line was placed on hold and a new bunch of subplots were put into motion. This adventure in the South is more than just another adventure. Through it the true purpose of the guns is unveiled. And if that isn't enough Bunn got around to flesh out the supporting cast and add many more interesting aspects to this Universe.

Art wise it continues the style of the first volume. Brian Hurtt and Bill Cabtree fill the 160 pages of this trade with vibrant panels, expressive characters and moody environments. They really capture that foggy and mysterious mood of the New Orleans swamps, or at least how I imagined them. My only complain is that they weren't more ambitious with the panel layouts. Maybe next time.

Drake versus handpurse


I really enjoyed the first volume. This one not quite as good. That doesn't mean its a bad book, on the contrary, its a just the right pace of storytelling, takes its time to create the mood, throws some action scenes to spice it up a bit and good art to top the cake. However the WOW factor isn't as strong as the first one.  If you enjoyed the first one then you'll love this one. If you didn't read it then go back and read it first.

PS: sorry for the 2 day delay :)

Publisher: Oni Press
Year: 2011
Pages: 160
Authors: Cullen Bunn, Brian Hurtt, Bill Crabtree

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