Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Forgotten Planet @Kickstarter

Pete Rogers and Giancarlo Caracuzzo are working to bring you a sci-fi tale about escaping the sins of the
past, reliving it and confronting it.

The author's say it best (from the Kickstarter project page) :
On Pluto Cale Beckett is infamous.
He’s the poster boy used to instil fear into the Plutonian race.
But Cale Beckett is living in denial. 
 Beckett spends a solitary existence on a Tanzanian game reserve, with just his dog for company. He can remember the things he did on Pluto in the 70s and he’s been trying to forget about it ever since. When Pluto is downgraded to a planetoid, its new classification 134340 appears all over the media.
This reignites the wiped memories of all the mercenaries who used to police the planet, and they are killed before they can talk. But Cale is different, he never forgot what happened, and killing him won’t be so easy. When mercenaries are sent to kill him, on the same day that Pluto’s planet status is revoked, he knows something is wrong. And he knows his two oldest friends are dead. The only way to unearth the truth, means a trip back into his past and a return to Pluto, the Forgotten Planet.

Peter Rogers and Giancarlo Caruzzo presents the project:

You can became a backer of this project and help Peter and Giancarlo get this book made and to the printers until the 1st of October, 2013.

I love sci-fi stories and this project really stands out. It was that Just a Pilgrim feel about it mixed with a little Total Recall (the original) and that makes for a potentially great reading experience. I hope it gets the funding it needs and that this book gets to see the light of day. Check it out.

For more information check the Kickstarter project page.

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  1. It sure looks interesting. Did you find it by accident or do you know the authors?

    1. Hi Arion,

      I don't know the authors, but from times to times I browser the Kickstarter site for new comic book projects. When I find a project I find interesting and if its possible then I back it.