Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Review: Skullkickers Volume 3 Six Shooter on the Seven Seas

Last time we saw Baldy and Shorty they had just escaped Urbia after being framed for a bunch of murders. To accomplish said escape they hitched a ride in the first ship leaving Urbia's harbor.

Little did they know that they were boarding the Mermaid's Bottom, a women only pirate ship. Enter the swashbuckling buccaneer ladies of the high seas.

Its true, this time our heroes go on a trip around the (don't know how many) seas, with a detour by the Wild West and a pit stop at a Lovecraftian Monster's lair.

Its a wild and randomly crazy story arc.

How is it?

Reading this volume is a crazy experience. The randomness is all the way up at eleven. Jim Zub throws new and unexpected twists left and right. But, if you've read the previous volumes, you'd won't be all that surprised about it. Skullkickers is about having fun, and fun is what you'll have when you read it.

Zub finally unveils the past of one of our heroes *cof*Baldy*cof*. It was not what I was expecting, but one thing is certain, imagination is something Jim Zub has in abundance. Imagination and a bit of a Terminator fanboyish vibe going there.


I've talked about this in the reviews of previous volumes, but the little tidbits of comedy that are thrown here and there are very much noteworthy. In this story arc, on top of the humorous sound effects, Zub added a narrator dialog gimmick. Basically you have the hypothetical writer and the artist of the book narrating the story and getting on each other's nerves. Think of it as Skullkickers version of Statler and Waldorf.

Besides the main story arc, this volume also collects four short stories. This is becoming usual, and to be honest, I hope they keep it up. Its a great little desert to complete the fantastic meal that is the main story.

Izzat so?

Edwin Huang and Misty Coats do a good job in the art department. They stay true to the style that's been established in the last volumes and do it in a consistent way. While this is a bit too much cartoony for my liking, it suites the story well.


Just get it. Its a feel good comic book. Its hard not to get a smile going when reading this pages, and that's a rare thing these days.

Publisher: Image Comics
Year: 2012
Pages: 144
Authors: Jim Zub, Edwin Huang, Misty Coats

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  1. I think I totally missed your previous reviews about Skullkickers. Now, to be honest, I haven't read it, but seems like it is a fun title. Like you said, a comic that makes you smile nowadays is a rare thing. But it shouldn't be that way. I miss laughing out loud while reading comics.

    1. Hi Arion,

      Yes it shouldn't, but grim and gritty is what you get most of the times. And that isn't a bad thing, as long as we can balance it out with some fun ones. Comics like Skullkickers, Chew and The Goon are fun books to read.

      This comic has very little marketing. I stumbled upon it in a random google search a couple of months ago. And its an Image book. I've been reading it since and am on board for future volumes. There's already a 4th volume out.