Sunday, April 13, 2014

Review: Papa

Papa is a collection of 3 short stories written by Vera Greentea. Each of them having a different theme and artist.

In this collection you get:

  • PAPA, a story about a man that spends his days obsessing with a superhero and ends up neglecting his kid and wife. One day his kid finds that superhero dead.
  •  The Princess and the Robot, when the King of Arr is faced with the decision of saving his kingdom or his daughter he gets creative.
  • Nightbirds, a man searches the path to heaven, not in a spiritual sense, but in the a literal way.

This Kickstarter founded project is all about shock deliveries. For the most part it works well enough, but by the last story you're already expecting it and its looses most of the shock value.

Regardless of that, all three stories are good shorts. Each has a different theme but there is an obsession under-theme to them. In Papa its about the father's obsession with the dead superhero and in Nightbirds its about a man's obsession with finding heaven. In The Princess and the Robot the obsession under-theme seems not to be present, instead its all about love and choices.

The Princess and the Robot

All stories have a different artist and a different art style, however they are all great in their own styles. I prefer the art of Lizzy John (Nightbirds) but its a personal preference, because all three artists (Joseph Lacroix, Ben Jelter and Lizzy John) do a great job bringing to life Vera's creations.


I liked it. Its not a perfect book, but its interesting enough to have me read it several times since I got it.

You can grab yourself a copy of this cool book at the Greentea Publishing site.

Publisher: Greentea Publishing
Year: 2013
Pages: 56
Authors: Vera Greentea, Joseph Lacroix, Ben Jelter, Lizzy John
ISBN: 9780983163060

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