Sunday, July 20, 2014

Review: The Goon Volume 3 Heaps of Ruination

Heaps of Ruination brings us giant ape Goon, The Buzzard, Lagarto, sexy vampire lady, Frankie knifing something in the eye, Hellboy and more.

This volume is a strange, but engaging, compilations of stories. They range from an awkwardly silly 2 page short about a simpleton crapping his pants to old school sci-fi monsters fighting Godzilla style to tormented soul and bleeding heart drama.

Apart from the return of The Buzzard, this volume doesn't advance the story of the Goon, nor does it give you any further insight into its characters. What it does bring is an entertaining group of stories. My favorite is the Hellboy crossover.

I love crossovers that tell a good story and manage to respect the spirit of the characters involved. Eric Powell wrote one of those crossovers. Hellboys keeps all his moodiness and badassery while Frankie remains an obnoxious little prick that just wants to stab people in the eye.

There is some somewhat smart humor and some very cheap shots. But in the end its a fun and funny book. You might feel a bit guilty after laughing at some of Powell's twisted jokes, bit it will be worth it.

Getting a message across
In sum, good book that introduces a few secondary characters, sees the return of others and a kickass crossover.

Publisher: Dark Horse
Year: 2011
Pages: 128
Authors: Eric Powell

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  1. The Hellboy crossover sounds great! It also feels as a very natural crossover between two characters with a few things in common.

    Oh, and did I mention that I love Eric Powell? I think he's really amazing as a writer / artist. Not many can excel doing both things.

    And of course I always appreciate a good twisted joke.

    1. You should be reading The Goon. I believe you'll enjoy it very much.